Technicians ??? All Areas

If you are interested in working with RYNO please review the following information then click the submit button (only) if you meet and understand the criteria below:

RYNO is 24-7 and provides 24-7 IT services for our clients. Our IT Service technicians must have flexible hours and MUST be self employed.
It is not a requirement that you ???take??? every job inquiry that we call you on (although we would hope that you do, otherwise we have to get backup for calls you are not able to take). We only require that you respond promptly to our phone call, as we are working to respond effectively to our clients’ requests. We have found that the quicker we respond, the more work we receive in that area, a win win situation for both of us.

The minimum requirement for us to respond to a call includes the following hardware:

Laptop with:
– wireless capability
– HyperTerminal
– TFTP server application
Cell phone (properly charged)
Loopback plugs
Patch cables
Crossover cable
Reliable vehicle or access to site in major metropolitan areas
Standard tool kit
Butt set /Princess phone
Cisco console cable
DB9 serial cable
USB to serial adapter (if needed for newer laptops)

RYNO is an ASP group, with several global clients, and has been in business since January, 2000. We cannot provide you with any idea of how much work we will get within your area. When we receive a client request, you will be notified promptly and we would hope you would respond equally promptly.

RYNO responds to many different types of calls. Compensation is based on our pay codes and response times, the least you can currently expect is to receive the minimum compensation for 2 hours even if you are on site for 15 minutes.

We have a standard system for logging on site with RYNO and/or our clients to “start the clock”. You will also have to again contact our clients when you have completed the work to submit closing information.

Travel to and from site within your local area is not compensated. For distances outside a 30 mile radius, we must negotiate compensation in advance of accepting the request. So you must work with our dispatch team in advance of accepting the job or we will not be in a position to pass through money for travel pay.

RYNO is a professional authorized IT service provider. When we arrive on site, we are expected to be dressed business casual. That means that we do not respond wearing t-shirts, jeans and sneakers.

It is not a requirement that you have extensive experience on this hardware. There is honestly too much for any one person to know. So, you will always have a minimum level of support for all sites you service. Support will come from RYNO, our clients or their customers. It will almost never come from anyone on site. (Thus the reason for the cell phone, though we advise using landlines once in front of the hardware).

REMINDER: When we work on someone’s network, we cannot touch ANY hardware unless we are in contact with support.
We do not want to take them down.

If hardware was sent to site, we are required to remove it or the replaced item from site when we leave. All hardware should come with a pre-printed shipping label. We are required to box up the hardware, attach the label and either call for pickup or drop it at a carrier location. If there is no label, you will need to call us so that we can send you a replacement label. You will need the tracking number to close the ticket with the client. It is anticipated that the hardware will be in the carrier’s system within 24 hours. In no way are you to send hardware back without a pre-printed label (we do not want you spending your nickels).

When you return to your office, you will need to log into the RYNO dispatch system and close out your ticket. Without this closing we cannot bill our clients or expect to compensate you. (When you join RYNO, you will receive a username and password)
There is a lot more information that we will provide you when you join us. Until then, if the above information meets with your current business profile, please go to the next page.


– Microsoft A+
– Network+
– Working laptop and a cell phone
– Tool Kit
– Some of our major clients require certain tests/procedures in order to do calls for them. This will be given to the technician when they are hired.

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